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BDclipper Ltd is an Internet based offshore graphic design,(Adobe Photoshop Illustrator) DTP different type of clipping path services and Image Masking Photo retouching related concern IT industry.

A clipping path (or "deep etch"[1] is a closed vector path, or shape, used to cut out a photo in image editing software. Anything inside the path will be included after the clipping path is applied anything outside the path will be omitted from the output. Applying the clipping path results in a hard (aliased) or soft (anti-aliased) edge, depending on the image editor's capabilities

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-Roberta Fineberg

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Micky Donal

The excellent service that our company has received from this company is second to none! We uploaded the files in the evening, and the clipping paths came back in the morning. I would recommend BD Clipper Ltd to anyone who is looking for quality clipping paths at a fast turnaround time."

Charles Cunningham

Our Services

  • Clipping path service Clipping path service
    A clipping path is a closed vector path or shape used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software. Anything inside the path...
  • Multi Clipping Path Multi Clipping Path
    How to Create Multiple Paths in Photoshop When you’re working with an image in Photoshop, you’ll often need to create more than one path to...
  • Clipping with shadow Clipping with shadow
    The shadow monocular depth cue has several rules: If an object is solid, it will cast a shadow. If there is only one light source,...
  • Photoshop Masking Photoshop Masking
    Photoshop offers a number of techniques for masking images and selections, but one of the easiest is the clipping mask. Clipping masks allow you to...

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BDClipper Ltd has been serving European and North American clients since 2012 Standard turnaround time is 12 hours. The BDClipper Ltd production team and customer service operates 24/7 for your convenience. Submit your query to BDClipper Ltd and get a response within 10 minutes, we always ready to best service and support you.


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BD Clipper Ltd is the world-wide internet based quality digital image editing and image Processing service providing company 24 hours mailing support at low cost.
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BD Clipper normally every after 30 days specially for regular bulk order customers. Then the client can pay by PayPal using a Credit Card or a Bank Account with some simple clicks on the Payment Page. We always accept PayPal